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Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet
Controls excess sebum with traditional Japanese rice sake and peach extracts, leaving skin clean and lustrous. Its hyaluronic acids provide prolonged moisture and beta-glucans for skin resilience.

Lettuce & Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet
Refreshing mask sheet containing lettuce and cucumber extracts which are rich in minerals and vitamins, to make skin hydrated and fresh. Hyaluronic acids provide prolonged moisture and beta-glucans for skin resilience

Black Raspberry Saeng-Gi Essence Mask Sheet
Extracted from 12 Oriental medicinal herbs, it contains black raspberry extract, jayangboeumdan and cheongyeondan, hyaluronic acids and beta-glucans. Hydrates aging skin with dramatic results.

Avocado Rich Essence Mask Sheet
Vitamin A and D and protein rich avocado oil provides moisture and that contains nutrient-dense essence.

Potiron Au Lait Essence Mask Sheet
High moisturizing and hydrating mask sheet enriched with essence to richly moisturize skin.

Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet
Mixture of Vita C fruit extracts and Vita E vegetable extracts to deliver vitality and energy to the skin and leaves the skin moist and smooth for a long time.

Milk & Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet (FOR MEN)
Contain anti-oxidant effect of green tea extract and moisturizing effect of milk extract prevent skin aging, balance oil water of skin. Rich Hyaluronic Acid and beta glucan smooth and moisturize skin.

Brandy Mild Essence Mask Sheet (FOR MEN)
Contains brandy extract, soy bean and camomile extract to soothe and hydrate fatigued skin.
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